At Mondelēz International, we do not test our products on animals, nor do we fund or contract with external agencies or research institutions to conduct animal testing on our products or on our ingredients. We are committed to reducing the need for animal testing elsewhere within the industry. We encourage our suppliers and research institutions to use non-animal tests whenever possible and to explore every alternative to animal testing.

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We support agricultural programs and farming practices that help maintain a sustainable, high-quality supply of raw materials. We share consumer, civil society, government and investor concerns about the health and welfare of farm animals and we recognize the link between animal welfare and the health of animals raised for food. A number of our products include ingredients that come from farm animals, such as dairy and egg products. We use fresh and powdered milk, other dairy ingredients, eggs and egg derivatives in the production of our cheese, chocolate, biscuit and dressing brands.

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Our approach to eliminating child labor is three-pronged: it focuses on prevention, monitoring and remediation, with a heavy emphasis on addressing the root causes of child labor.

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Fresh milk and milk derivatives are used as ingredients in a range of our brands, including our cream cheese brand Philadelphia and chocolate brands such as Milka and Cadbury. To secure high-quality milk and dairy products, we work in partnership with our suppliers to engage in a continuous improvement process ensuring good farm practices and respecting animal welfare throughout our supply chain. Our first priority is our liquid milk supply in Europe.

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At Mondelēz International, we believe that sustainable snacking is about creating a future where people and planet thrive. As a global food company, it is vital for us to secure sustainable supplies of key raw materials by empowering farmers and their communities to become more productive and climate-resilient, encouraging practices that respect land rights and investing in innovation and technology to increase transparency and measure impact at scale across our supply chain.

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Mondelēz International is leading the future of snacking, and we consistently produce snacks our consumers can trust. We work hard to provide safe and quality products.

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Consumer research shows that calories/energy are the top item of interest for consumers, and this is applicable in nearly every market. We support calorie Front of Pack (FoP) systems based on local daily reference values – Daily Value (DV), Guideline Daily Amount (GDA), Reference Intake (RI) and Daily Intake Guide (DI).

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The safety of our products and the trust and confidence of our consumers is critical to our success. We also recognize that various groups have differing views regarding crop biotechnology and derived ingredients. At Mondelēz International, we believe that crop biotechnology can play an important role in improving food production and ensuring enough food for the world’s growing population.

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We want to make products everyone can enjoy. That is why it’s important to respond to different preferences around the world. When deciding what to offer in a specific market, we consider various factors, including religious food requirements such as ‘halal’. The best thing for consumers to do is to check the ingredients and the label to guarantee the suitability for their diet.

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At Mondelēz International, we are committed to making our snacks the right way, protecting the planet and respecting the human rights of people in our value chain. We use the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGPs) as a framework for preventing and addressing associated risks.

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Eggs and egg derivatives are used as ingredients in a range of our chocolate and biscuit brands as well as in our Miracle Whip dressing in Europe. We recognize concerns for the welfare of laying hens and we've taken a number of steps to switch to cage-free supplies.

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To make informed decisions, people need the right information delivered clearly and simply. Since 2007, we have provided nutrition labeling on all of our products in all markets worldwide. Our commitment to providing nutrition information on back of pack and our approach is in line with international standards.

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We want to contribute to a circular economy where packaging material is recycled or reused, while minimizing food waste and the overall environmental impact of packaging, including on climate change. To help achieve this, we are working to find solutions to the shared problem of packaging waste – fixing broken processes, policies and perception.

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We are committed to sourcing palm oil sustainably and eradicating deforestation and human rights violations in the palm oil supply. We take this responsibility seriously.

For years, we have actively worked with our global suppliers to ensure that the palm oil we use in our products is sustainably sourced and fully traceable. In fact, we were the first multinational consumer goods company to require suppliers to trace all the oil they sell, not just the oil they sell to us.

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Mondelēz International regularly works with government officials regarding matters of concern to our business. Depending on the country, we may support candidates who understand and appreciate the public policies that affect our business, our brands and our employees. In accordance with applicable laws and regulations, our political contributions and expenditures may be made to political candidates and organizations whose views are consistent with the interests and values of our company and our business strategy.

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The safety of the 80,000 great makers and bakers who make up the Mondelēz International team is one of our top priorities. Our goal is simple - to achieve world-class safety performance.

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While we're experts in taste, we're also experts in the nutritional science behind our products. We constantly evaluate our portfolio and look for ways to improve their nutrition.

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As awareness and advocacy efforts around human trafficking and slavery grow among governments, NGOs and investors, so do expectations for businesses to demonstrate what they are doing to address this issue within their supply chains. The Mondelēz International Statement on Human Rights guides our approach. And, in line with the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act (SB 657) and the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015, our 2018 Human Rights Due Diligence & Modern Slavery Report provide more detail on our efforts to help make a difference in our operations and those of our suppliers.

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